A new “pop up bar” in Shoreditch is just an opportunistic middle-aged man in a tent selling lukewarm cans of Carling for £6 each, disappointed revellers have claimed.

East London hipsters have been excited about the opening of ‘Nature’, billed as an “immersive, breathable, authentic, drinking experience” in adverts seen on social media this week.

But locals who attended the opening of the bar on Saturday were let down when they found it was just a badly dressed man trying to sell them poor lager from a patched up, single skin North Face tent.

23-year-old social media consultant James Hunt, from Hackney, told the London Gonzo: “If they had red stripe and played house music out of a half decent speaker system we’d be thinking ‘alright’, but they didn’t even have that.

“I don’t want to say it was bloody awful, because then I’d be accused of not getting it, which if there is something to get, I can assure you I got it, but it was, well, bloody awful.”

The London Gonzo can confirm the bar owner is 40-year-old St. John’s Wood resident Steven Matthews. Speaking from his home today, Mt Matthews said: “I’ve been to so many bars that are just disused warehouses with no interior decoration or heating, and a really bad selection of beers. People always seem to be saying they have a great vibe, so I thought, why not.

“Turns out a lack of running water, and cans that say ‘multipack, not for resale’ are where people draw their red lines, which is a lesson for me.”

By Callum Mason

Image: WestportWiki