Good news to viewers of Queer Eye: if you were a fan of Seasons 1 and 2, there’s a new season out, and it’s near identical.

Highlights include: Antoni’s basic food, Tan’s French tucks™, Jonathan’s crying, Karamo’s everything, Bobby redoing an entire house in the space of a week while everyone else goes shopping and to the salon. Basically all the highlights from the previous two seasons, except you haven’t watched them yet. But bonus: you’ll feel like you have.

One of the producers, Greg Matthews, told the London Gonzo: “We already updated the original Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for a more modern audience. And now our work is done, and if the format of I’m A Celebrity has taught us anything, it’s that we never have to change the show ever again.”

Fan Betsy Ardel, 31, commented: “Those between-scene breaks where they dance together… I live for it! Pretty sure they’re still using the same exact footage from last year, and you know what? I DON’T CARE. They photoshopped some sort of poncho onto Jonathan this time, so it’s a little different.”

Karamo Brown, Queer Eye’s culture expert, said “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I took a man to a gym for an hour and it changed his entire life. For that week at least. We don’t really check in after that. Anyway, didn’t you notice we added a very cute dog? His name is Bruley!”

By Daisy and David Bard