Every single person to have ever graduated from the University of Durham now lives in within a three minute walk of Clapham Common, a new study shows.

An analysis of population data completed by the Institute of Hard Knocks shows that Clapham is now home to everyone who has received a degree from the north east institution, going back to the early 1900s.

And the university is even considering moving graduating ceremonies and alumni reunions to the south London suburb, in order to avoid the congestion on the London east coast mainline trains that is often created by the events.

But in Clapham today, The London Gonzo found that some ex-students weren’t happy with the analysis, with several saying that it “stereotyped” them, and others arguing for their right to self-determine their neighbourhood.

Former Philosophy with Applied Aesthetics student Rosy Harper-Pipes told The London Gonzo: “You can say many things about me, but I definitely don’t live in Clapham. I’ve got a north Balham postcode.

“There’s nothing wrong with Clapham, but it’s far rawer here. There’s a closed down Wetherspoons, two chip shops and only one solitary Waitrose. If the implication of the study is that we’re all living in some middle-class bubble – and my sixth sense acquired during my tertiary education very much suggests that it is – I think that puts it to bed right there.”

Ex-Quantum Art History student James Talbot added: “It’s not really right to say I’m living in Clapham, since it’s my third home, and I’m only here during the week because its got good links to the city.”

By Callum Mason