BBC One aired the first episode of its new period drama, The Romantics, last night, and it is already being tipped for BAFTA glory. But although reviews have been glowing, there’s one thing no one has failed to pick up on: where is critical darling Olivia Colman?

The new show boasts lush pastoral settings, a stellar cast of top British talent and clipped accents that make Downton Abbey look like Scooby Doo, but despite all this, Colman is still a glaring absence and also where is her Oscar already? The fans want to know.

“It’s good, but without Colman’s unmistakable timbre and magnificent yet subtle facial acting, can we really call it a British period drama?” asked one confused viewer on Twitter, who also said she’d sat through the whole thing expecting Colman to make an appearance, only for the end credits to roll without one.

“After The Favourite, we all assumed she’d have to be cast in any British period drama. Meryl Streep was fine as Mary Shelley, but did they have the gall to just… pretend she isn’t the preeminent actor of her generation? Did they not see The Night Manager?” another post read.

Out of respect for her feelings following this blatant slight, The London Gonzo has not approached Colman’s management for comment, but fellow actor Dame Judi Dench bravely came out on social media and said: “It’s a conspiracy. Everyone at Equity’s talking about it. Mark my words, history will not look kindly on this production.”

By Daisy and David Bard

Image: Ibsan73