A white, middle class humanities graduate from a London suburb wants to go into the publishing industry, it has been revealed.

Philomena Babbage, an [English Literature/Art History/Classics/insert correct degree here] graduate from the University of Edinburgh has shocked her family and friends with the announcement.

In a statement issued on Medium and then laboriously repeated on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Babbage said: “I just think it’s the right move for me. I’m aware it isn’t really something that white, middle class people do, but ultimately it is what I want to do and therefore I am going to do it.

“You must live your dreams no matter what it takes. I don’t care if I have to live in my parents’ four-bedroom townhouse in Richmond until I am 26. I will break into this industry.

“What more could employers possibly want apart from someone who did her dissertation on the depiction of the female thigh in the Renaissance fresco?”

Philomena’s mother, Petula Baggage, said: “Philly has always been independently spirited. Like father, like daughter. Her father works in publishing and has secured her a fantastic internship – when our little girl said she wanted to go into the industry, he didn’t even look at the other applicants for the position.”

Her father, Robert Bobbidge, asked his PA – who has a PhD on the works of James Joyce from Oxford University – to reply to us on his behalf.

She said: “I’m sure Philly will feel right at home here, and I look forward to welcoming her to the team as soon as she’s finished her post university travels in rural Ecuador.”

By Niall Moorjani

Image: Enock Leung