A Morden resident claims to board scores of different London Underground trains each day – solely for the pleasure of shouting at commuters to “move down the carriage”.

Jim Caseman, 45, uses his mornings to travel on as many as 35 different TfL tubes across several different lines, screaming at other unsuspecting Londoners.

Caseman’s day starts at 7am, when he gets on the Northern Line northbound from South Wimbledon, and shouts “move down please” into a carriage of usually one or two confused people.

He goes up and down between Clapham South and Balham for around half an hour, before changing at Stockwell at around 7.30am, which is when he says the “carnage” really starts.

“The 7am from South Wimbledon’s usually virtually empty, so I use it more to warm up the vocal chords than anything else” said Caseman, who is also a Chelsea Football Club supporter.

“Once we get to Oxford Circus on the Viccy Line it really starts. I get so aggressive around there I usually get a few people to get off the train altogether.

“And when I get to Tottenham Court Road on the Central Line, I really clean up. I’ve pressured people into moving down so far, they just move into the next carriage. The power you feel is incredible, and if you shake your head and say ‘millenials’ in an exhausted tone whilst doing it, people assume you’re sort of doing the right thing.”

At the time of writing, Caseman was reportedly planning to move on to London buses, and says he believes he can get everyone on the 333 to Elephant and Castle to move on to the top deck, purely by shouting at them.

By Callum Mason