The biggest binge drinkers across the UK have been revealed after hackers obtained and published data from the Wetherspoons app, revealing Brits’ boozing habits.

Data released online yesterday shows that one Spoons regular, Kev Hart from Nuneaton, has single-handedly ordered 55,000 pints of scrump cider from his local pub, The Crafty Fox, since early 2018.

And the leaked information also shows that revellers at one of the chain’s boozers in Bolton have ordered nothing but lager since it opened in 2015, with one in-app request for a rum and cola being met with a suggestion that the customer might like to relocate to a local cocktail bar.

But others have been less happy with the data leak, and see it as having ruined their hard drinking reputations.

“The breach may reveal that I ordered a blackcurrant and soda back in September 2013 but this was absolutely for my son, and not me being soft” read one social media post this morning

“The pink gin and tonic I ‘ordered’ was obviously someone else on my account. Obviously everyone guessed that already but I just wanted to make it clear” read another.

A Wetherspoons spokesperson said: “We’re not saying we condone this breach, but if we find out who did it, we’ll be rewarding them with a free drinks for life. This breach has laid out Britain’s biggest legends transparently for all to see, and that’s something to be proud of.”

By Callum Mason