A couple were arrested at Oxford Circus this morning after members of the public reported their “obnoxious PDA” on the Central Line.

Liz Hart, 24, and Benjamin Burroughs, 25 were taken into custody by the Metropolitan Police at around 8am.

Several eye-witnesses to the incident told The London Gonzo of their “nauseating” experiences watching the pair.

Mandy Jopling, who initially called in the complaint, said: “Who full-on snogs for a full 20 minutes, on the most crowded line in the entire underground, bang in the middle of rush hour? These people are a threat to society.”

Jopling, who insisted she was “just doing her civic duty,” by reporting the pair, also described how the couple expansively took up space, traumatising commuters with their frantic limbs.

Mother Cathy Fields, 36, who also witnessed the monstrosity, added: “My daughter started crying. She kept saying, ‘Mummy, what’s that man doing to the lady’s neck?’ and I didn’t have the heart to answer her.”

And onlooker Ali Ramji, 43, said: “I offered the girl my seat in the hope she would sit down and then they’d have to stop. She didn’t even take her tongue out of his mouth long enough to reply. Instead, they both sat down and started dry humping!’

Ramji also mentioned that he had recently separated from his wife, adding: “Can’t they keep their nauseating happiness to themselves? Some of us have days to rue.”

Speaking outside the station after being released on bail, Hart explained: “We just can’t take our hands off each other. We met three months and two days ago, and when we realised we both work in Soho, we were so excited.”

Putting his arm around her waist, Burroughs laughed: “We’re in the honeymoon phase. So sue us.”

Following the incident, there is already an online petition to sue them and as of an hour ago, it had over 9,000 signatures.

By Daisy Bard 

Image by Mike Roberts