Dave Ellis, a chartered accountant from Wimbledon, still hasn’t eaten at Leon despite having two within walking distance of his office and another at King’s Cross, where he regularly gets trains for business trips.

Sources close to Ellis have told The London Gonzo that everyone at the accountancy firm where he works have repeatedly explained how delicious the eaterie is, how varied and exciting the menu, and that it’s totally worth the extra quid or two to feel fresh and healthy, yet he still hasn’t ventured in.

“I see them everywhere now. But there’s a Tesco just round the corner, and you know what you’re getting with a meal deal, don’t you?’ said Ellis, who has had the same disappointing ham and cheese sandwich/cheese and onion Walkers/can of Fanta combo 17 days out of the last 19.

He added: “Sure, I’ll go to Pret sometimes but Leon, it just seems a bit…”

He trailed off, looking wistfully into the distance, before concluding “…much.”

By David Bard