Another mobile app which claims it will “transform the way you bank” has been seen advertised on the London Underground this week.

‘Gulp’ describes itself as a challenger to Monzo, and claims that it “isn’t just any ordinary bank.”

The start-up’s unique selling point is its bright pink card – which whilst aesthetic, appears to function very much like an ordinary debit card – and its app, which cryptically says provides “a tailor made and bespoke experience”.

On its website, Gulp explains that its cards are made from “thinly woven kashmir intertwined with a plate of copper and a dash of tears from a newly born lamb.” It’s unclear how older ATMs will respond to the material.

James Buckley, a 22-year-old freelance writer from Shoreditch told The London Gonzo that he had already started using the new challenger bank.

He said: “This is my 86th bank account, and my phone’s 64GB memory is now entirely used up with each of their apps.

“I have just £8.64 to my name but every penny I have is perfectly spread across each of them to maximize interest. And if I could ever afford a foreign holiday, apparently seven of them would give me commission-free withdrawals, which is great I guess.

“I suppose it’s my way of feeling ahead of the curve. In a housing market like this one, can you really afford not to be using these tricks. I feel like a real winner.”

By Callum Mason