A London busker has been left dumbfounded this morning after nobody on their busy commute took the time to take a card containing all of their life savings out of their pocket and place it on a small plastic device which extracts money.

‘Singer-songwriter’ Alex Smith, from Islington, says the lack of donations is indicative of the capital’s negative attitude towards live music, and nothing to do with either lack of time or an unwillingness to risk becoming a victim of fraud.

“I lay out this innocuous looking device next to my guitar case every morning at 8.30am at Oxford Circus station, and nobody ever takes the time to so much as look at”, said Smith, gesturing at his card reader.

Smith explained that thousands of people trudge past his contactless reader – which cost more than he has ever made in tips – every morning, and yet not one of them ever chooses to pay anything. He even says they get less forthcoming when he picks it up and starts pointing it at them.

“How anyone can be so intimidated by a machine designed to rip money without any real authentification or willing contact is beyond me”, he added.

By Callum Mason