Transport for London will be launching a new range of badges next month for people who want other commuters to use all the available space in tube carriages without having to speak to them.

The badges are designed with a large font and bright background and it is hoped that holders will be able to instigate movement from others with a simple passive aggressive wave of their top when one is attached.

Statisticians have forecasted that if as widely used as the ‘Please offer me a seat’ range, the badges could increase the capacity of some rush hour trains by up to 50%.

But not all customers are impressed, with some saying TfL could do more to limit the amount of interaction travellers have to have with their fellow commuters.

One commuter in the Clapham South area told The London Gonzo: “It’s a good start but you still have to turn and look at someone if you want them to see your badge. Ultimately I’d like to see something that can emit the message between myself and others, without so much as a blink.”

A TfL spokesperson said they expected such technology would be available at around the same time as the roll-out of air conditioning on the Central Line.

By Callum Mason